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Do you struggle with phobias or stress? Are you looking for a safe, natural way to enhance your overall wellbeing? Come to Oakwood Holistic for therapeutic hypnosis to help you bring about positive changes in your life.  Our treatments can assist with stress relief and promote general wellbeing.  We can help you deal with a range of mental and physical issues including sleep problems and weight management. National non smoking day 11th March. Hypnosis can help to change your habits.

Enhance your wellbeing

Hypnosis offers a safe, non-invasive way to improve your well-being and help you deal with troubling issues such as:

  • cravings

  • stress

  • fixations

  • phobias

  • insomnia


"Maxine made me feel so relaxed. I had a healing session and felt so at ease and slept really well for a few days afterwards."

Matt, Healing Session customer

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Visit Oakwood Holistic in Ulverston for a full range of helpful holistic services. We offer psychic readings and card readings, as well as animal psychology get in touch for a booking.  call for an appointment.

Professional therapeutic hypnosis

Choose therapeutic hypnosis at Oakwood Holistic - ease stress

and promote wellbeing.

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