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Expert animal psychology/ healing


Would you like to build a better relationship with your animals? At Oakwood Holistic, we offer animal psychology services to help you strengthen the bond between you and your pets.

Strengthen bonds with your pets

Our experienced psychic, who holds a degree in Natural Sciences, has travelled the UK, Europe and Ireland working with a wide range of animals using a combination of animal psychology, healing and behavioural techniques. This combination is ideal for addressing behavioural problems and bonding with domestic and working animals.

"I have had a strong connection with animals all my life, getting the nickname of Mrs Doolittle. I have regularly worked with dogs, cats, snakes and horses when they have behavioural problems or are experiencing difficulties in their lives."

Maxine Wayshower


" I was struggling with my dog not being comfortable around strangers, Maxine helped me to


address this and things have improved so much, she is so relaxed with animals and they are so


at ease with her." Margaret March 2015.

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Improve your relationship

with your animals

We offer a range of psychic and therapeutic services at Oakwood Holistic. Come for psychic and card readings as well as therapeutic hypnosis treatments. Book your session now.

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